David Anders’s got almost 60k of followers on Twitter. If each of them posts just one tweet with a hash-tag #BringDrWhaleBack the show runners can’t help noticing it. 

The revenant


I really need the holy water scene (right after the cross didn’t make him tingle scene xD) as a gif set because that was the best scene ever! xD

Pretty please?

…the gif? And I only needed the holy water after that scene:) btw, I’m sure I’ve seen this gif set somewhere on Tumbler - try tagging “the revenant”.

Sign this!



Ok guys, this only take a minute.

For all David Anders fans. We need our lord of science as a regular in Once Upon a Time.

I’m trying to gather signatures and then when we arrive to our goal send it to Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz.


Retweet! We need spread the notice!!. Thank you

David Anders - Facebook Edition. [x]

David Anders - Facebook Edition. [x]


favorite little ouat cast things: that time bobby, david and sebastian became a boy band 


Match Shirt

Is she wearing his shirt?!:)

Can someone link me to a gif of Adam at Ellen DeGeneres saying to Blake something like that: “You’re from the country! Banjos are common there!”



I expected to see at least five gifs of Adam Levine getting his arm ripped off by now.

yep. and all I see is a gif of him licking his fingers. again. again. and again.

not that I mind that though…

Is it just me or Billy Joe Armstrong’s spoken voice sounds just like Adam Levine’s?


@AdamLevine “I’m the best you’ve ever had”


Why does everyone like Cassadee Pope and no one likes Domo? This is just wrong.  

How old is this picture?

How old is this picture?

That awkward moment when u audition for The Voice just to hug Adam but all of the judges turn around except Adam

Awww! You still can ask him for a hug!

Oh tomorrow! Can’t wait!

Blind Auditions, the 8th edisode, sneak peek.

My little brother thought Avril Lavigne and Adam Levine were married


because he thought “Lavigne” was spelled “Levine.” 

Haha! So this is why Adam had to do that clarification on Twitter.